Africa New Life Ministries

Africa New Life Ministries is the keynote organization supported by 2LiveBeyond. In support, Chapter Initiatives pledge a percentage of annual funds raised and private donations to fund the Dream Medical Center.
The Dream Medical Centers mission is to create a sustainable health care model of compassionate excellence in which patients are served through their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. The Center is a state of the art hospital that will be built in Kigali, Rwanda with a scheduled completion date in October of 2017.

SOS Health care

Goal $85,000

The 2LiveBeyond Initiative is proud to announce that we will be funding the 2LiveBeyond Transitional Living and Training Facility for SOS Health Care in support of their efforts in building an Autism Community. 
The Transitional Living Facility will be the the first step for individuals with autism and related intellectual disabilities to take before they are able to live a life suitable to them.
The Facility will provide respite care to families who require a much-needed break as well as their Independent Living Skills Program aiming to teach them the skills they need to know allowing them to move onto the next step of living on their own.
The expected completion date will be in the Spring of 2018. 

Grand Strand Miracle League

Goal $41,000

The 2LiveBeyond Initiative is proud to announce that we will be funding an expansion for the Grand Strand Miracle Leagues All-Star Park to be called the “2 Infinity and Beyond” Play Space. The expansion will include a 2-Bay Zip line and shade structures to go over the playground. 
Why “2 Infinity and Beyond?” This classic line from Buzz Lightyear means No Limits and that is the idea that soaring through the air on their own will give these kids.
The expected completion date is in the Spring of 2018. 

Teach My People

Goal $16,000

The 2LiveBeyond Initiative is proud to announce that we will be funding Teach My Peoples academic Summer Enrichment Program for the Summer of 2017. This seven-week program is essential as it provides their students with the assistance they need to maintain their academics while engaging in various summer enrichments.
The Program will operate from June 12th to July 27th from 8:00am to 2:00pm, Monday through Thursday. The goal of the Summer Program is to provide challenging and engaging learning experience for their students so they are prepared to return to school in the fall at a level of academic preparedness that is comparative to their peers. 

Tara Hall Home for Boys

Goal $31,000

The 2LiveBeyond Initiative is proud to announce that we will be funding Tara Hall Home for Boys and their Family Services Program.
The Initiative will be funding the Family Services Program and all operating and travel expenses for 12 months starting in July of 2017. In addition, the Initiative will purchase a new van to assist them in safe transportation for the boys in their Program. This will provide safe travel for the boys to visit their family members allowing them the opportunity to become a stronger family unit for when the child is ready to return home.