The Giver Campaign

Dedicate, Inspire and Dream. 

The 2LiveBeyond Initiative is excited to introduce The Giver Campaign in hope of bringing together the community to provide support for organizations that are transforming and influencing the community for the good by living beyond themselves.

The Giver Campaign is national movement created by the Initiative to support organizations who are tirelessly “living beyond themselves” to help our youth. With the support from individuals like you, we know that we will be able to provide the reinforcements to give our children, the hope, desire, motivation and the opportunities to not allow any disability to deter them from their dreams!

The Giver Campaign can be any idea, dream or community fundraising event that supports the Initiative and their mission. 

2LiveBeyond is excited to introduce The Giver Campaign for the Spring of 2017. The Campaign will be a custom made drink that participating restaurants will create and sell.

Supporting restaurants have the opportunity to design and create their own Giver drink/price and have pledged to donate 50% of the cost to the Initiative. (A template has been provided for you to use, however, you are not limited to using.) 

The Campaign will start on Monday, March 13th and run until Saturday, May 13th. Participating restaurants are competing against each other to raise the most amount of money and hit a “Hole in One” for the Initiative!

100% of the funds raised during Campaign will go directly to the Initiative projects supported for 2017.

If you are a Restaurant Manager or know a restaurant that would be interested in being a part of The Giver Campaign, please fill out the form below and the local Chapters Fundraising Chair will get back to you in a timely manner. 

If you are interested in starting your own Giver Campaign, please fill out the form below with your idea and a Member from the 2LiveBeyond Home Office will be in contact with you.