Join the Initiative

2LiveBeyond Members are the most important part of the Initiative in bringing awareness and fundraising resources for the organizations supported.

Our Members are committed and engaged in ongoing personal growth, dedicated to providing care for disadvantaged children living by the message: “2LiveBeyond Ourselves So Others May DREAM Beyond Their Circumstances.”

Why should you join the 2LiveBeyond Initiative? 

  1. Serving the local and international communities
  2. Enjoying fellowship activities and volunteer opportunities
  3. Maintaining and developing friendships
  4. Creating business opportunities
  5. Networking professionally
  6. Meeting other Initiative Members when traveling
  7. Enjoying recognition from Membership
  8. Learning leadership skills
  9. Serving as a Chair Committee Member 
  10. “Living Beyond Ourselves So Others Can DREAM Beyond Their Circumstances.”

Why Have others joined the 2LiveBeyond Initiative?

1. The invisible, intrinsic, intangible reason anyone or any entity supports 2LiveBeyond Inc. is because they believe in our mission, vision, and purpose.

2. It can be empowering and deeply satisfying to be a part of an effort that is bigger than your immediate, day-to-day life. People who join as a chapter member may be seeking to strengthen their personal and professional identity by working alongside people who share their values.

3. Some of you as members may be highly motivated by social opportunities in which you can interact with others who share your interests. As we continue to grow and become known for not only our impact but also our events and social activities, we will draw members who are most interested in social benefits.

4. Some may join our nonprofit organization because their business appeals to those who value our organization's mission. These work-minded members may use our membership events to network with future employers, employees, clients, or customers. We can use this kind of thinking to benefit our organization by marketing the "business" value of membership within 2LiveBeyond.

5. Although individuals or corporations who join 2LiveBeyond as a Chapter Member for a membership fee at varying levels are not thinking about the tax benefit, those who join at a higher level may be looking ahead to their end-of-year charitable tax deductions. Many people who are inclined to join 2LiveBeyond’s Non Profit organization will establish a philanthropy plan. These members set aside a percentage of their annual income for membership dues and contributions.

6. As a member, you can rest assured that your desire to serve the community but unsure of who and how has been a priority               focus for 2LiveBeyond. We have diligently researched, assessed and taken the time to understand each charity we support                   and their need with you in mind. For each member it is different. One may have the heart and desire to serve however, their                 schedule does not allow for a hands on approach at this time. For others it may be desire to impact multiple local                                   organizations, but simply unable to balance service to each one. Membership in your local Chapter can and does allow for a                 balanced platform of humanitarian service to children and families right in your own backyard through multiple charities.

7 . One of our greatest benefits here at 2LiveBeyond is our network of professional athletes. These outstanding men and women understand that their platform in the world can have a tremendous impact on so many people and causes. One great example of that is through one of our annual fundraisers, the “2LiveBeyond” Celebrity Golf Tournament.  The money raised goes to making a difference in the Myrtle Beach, SC community such as in 2017 the Grand Strand Miracle League, S.O.S. Healthcare, Teach My People and the Tara Hall Home For Boys. This tournament is a unique and rare gathering of professional athletes participating to support the advancement and well-being of others.

2LiveBeyond Members are required to pay Membership Dues in order to stay in good standing in their Chapter. The Initiative has a variety of Membership levels for individuals as well as Corporate Membership